Interface Wonderland

Interface Wonderland

UX Design, UI Design, Branding

A series of interfaces designed for fun to practice my UI/UX skills. From dashboards to highly interactive mobile apps, I had fun designing it all.

Conté à Paris Sketchboard


Conte is close to me - it was my first pencil ever. I designed an app that lets you try swatches of their crayons and pencils on your phone before you buy them.

Conté à Paris Store Sketchboard ✏️ animation sketch ecommerce e-commerce shop store pencil conte 7ninjas
Try swatches just like you use brushes in Photoshop!

The concept was so well received by Conté à Paris that one of their brand managers even contacted us to talk about it.

Conté à Paris Store Concept ✏️ paris 7ninjas conte crayon pencil cart basket store shop e-commerce
App screens overview

It's such an awesome brand that I was amazed to see their company website so outdated. It triggered me to experiment more with the brand and I also created a sample of how their website could look.

Conté à Paris Concept Store ✏️ 7ninjas conte pencil store shop e-commerce ecommerce sketch animation
Getting that sweeet close-up of a carre crayon

Apartments Comparison Configurator


I got inspired to design an apartment comparison configurator after browsing tens of Airbnb rooms for my next trip. Imagine you could use a comparison configurator for renting houses or just buying. Super clean, customisable, just for comparing only what you care about.

Apartments Comparison Animation ecommerce compare real estate booking comparison 7ninjas configurator filters book e-commerce apartments
Prototype of the apartment comparison configurator

The feedback of the design community at Dribbble was incredibly positive. It inspired a lot of people and some even stole the idea.

Apartments Comparison Configurator apartments e-commerce book configurator 7ninjas comparison booking real estate compare rent
Fully responsive layout

Save The Children Fundraising App


Save The Children is one of the world's most prominent charity foundations. They help people all over the world. One of their mission is providing people with drinkable water.

Save The Children Fundraising App fund help app fundraising children 7ninjas donation donate slider charity
Support any Save the Children program straight from your app

The app's concept was to instantly show current programs and encourage people to donate using social proof - the amount of backers and money already raised.

Water Donation Slider💧 drop save the children 7ninjas invision studio water donation donate slider charity
Fun donation slider showing the connection between the generosity and the impact of a donation.

Cost Renovation Calculator


I was moving into a new place when I found out there are no good calculators for renovation. So I thought of an imaginary service called Renova. It lets you calculate remodelling costs in your house, create expenses plans and find contractors to do the job. You can publish your own calculation or browse community's plans and modify them to fit your space and budget.

Renovation Cost Calculator house remodelling ecommerce gallery kitchen contractor plan breadcrumbs project description remodel home ikea renovations white whitespace cost calculator renovation

Movie Tickets App


A little exercise of using the data from Google search results into an app. How cool it would be to instantly see the best time to visit a cinema around you? 😁Or to play the movie trailer upon opening the particular movie screen.

Movie Tickets App location booking ticket app tickets ticket cinemas cinema theatre movie card films film app movie movies
Home screen
Movie Tickets App - List 🎬 playback movie card actors theatre cinema film ticket app ticket tickets movie app movie
A movie screen with all details inside
Google information
All data could be fetched from Google's Movie API

Takeaway Redesign


At our office, we used to use everyday. At the time their app looked old and bland. It inspired me to redesign their app. The challenge was to change just their interface, not their flow.

Mobile app

🍴 Redesign Animation interface mobile takeaway food order 7ninjas animation pyszne thuisbezorgd eat
Quick filters that don't cover the screen
🍴 Redesign eat thuisbezorgd pyszne list 7ninjas order food takeaway mobile interface
Top section minimizes on scrolll


Encouraged by a good reception of the mobile app redesign, I went on to redesign their website as well.

🍴 Redesign Desktop menu cart eat thuisbezorgd pyszne 7ninjas order food takeaway restaurant interface
Venue page

I experimented with transitions between screens so that going from the venue page to a cart to checkout would feel seamless.

🍴 Checkout thuisbezorgd interface order basket 7ninjas pyszne takeaway restaurant cart checkout
Checkout page

The reception of the redesign was so good that Amsterdam headquarters of contacted us to congratulate on it. About one year later they eventually redesigned their app and it actually looks a lot like this concept! It makes me proud to guess their taste.

"It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”
Paula Scher, Graphic Designer and Painter at Pentagram

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