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Social Shopping

Flip Fit
Product Design, UI Design, UX Design, Art Direction

The first social media application that enables users to receive a “fitting room in their living room” of items they specifically requested to try after seeing those items on friends and influencers they follow.

App Store screenshot, captured on 31 Jan 2020

Joining Flip Fit

When I first heard the idea, I fell in love with it. Not sure what to wear? Ask your friends for help - on your phone! I was immediately hooked. I joined Flip Fit in 2019 as the lead designer and together with the team, we made it to the App Store on 23 October, 2019.

Flip Fit lets you try on different sizes and styles from your favourite clothing brands in your home. Flip offers a place for you to upload photos to get feedback from your friends and the Flip community.

Designing for scale

Flip Fit is 100% continuous integration / continuous development. How do you handle implementing new features and fixing bugs? It's all a matter of communication.

This is how we handled stories

Together with dev team leaders, we had to found a way to get up to speed of a modern startup. Using JIRA we created a separate board just for the designs and integrated it with the dev and QA team boards. That way the Product Manager could easily organise the backlog and plan sprints.

Structure map of all screens of Flip Fit

With any feature we released first we had to design a user flow to make sure we're not missing anything. Once prototyped and agreed on with the business team in Los Angeles, the designs were handed off to our PM.

Before we launch any feature, we first test it with flows and prototype it in Figma

App Previews

Flip Fit is a fun app to play with. The cool thing about Flip Fit is you earn money with every vote you make on the platform. If you earn $100 by voting, it means that your next order will be reduced by 100$. Yeah, you heard right, free money

Earning money by voting

A lot is going on with all the influencers on board. Explore it inside the Discover screen.

Discover similar clothes

Follow your favourite influencers like Amanda Cerny and even get the clothes they wear.

Who wore it best?

Get the app

Flip Fit is an exciting platform and I'd love to share all the exciting concepts that are designed every day but I simply can't due to an NDA. To check out the app, download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Currently available only in the USA.

“Bartłomiej is the most complete Lead Designer that I had ever worked with. He is not only an excellent customer-centric design thinker capable of structuring tricky challenges for our clients but also a brilliant concept generator that always comes up with inspiring, original, and meaningful ideas. What impresses me the most is his uncanny ability to express very complex (and thoughtful) solutions clearly and simply. Bart is an amazing sketcher with great verbal communication skills. He is also an absolute pleasure to work with thanks to his proactive and collaborative attitude. All in all, Bartłomiej is a trusted expert, capable of leading the most challenging customer experience and digital product design projects.”
Marcin Walendowski, Front-end Leader at Flip Fit

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